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SR-2836D-RGB is a desk mount LED rotary controller which offers switch, brightness dimming and RGB color tone adjustment functions as well. The rotary LED controller features accurate and smooth color tone adjustment with the rotary knob. Smooth brightness adjustment from 0.1%-100% without flickering can protect human eyes. The rotary switch can control 1 zone with endless receivers. Accurate and smooth RGB color tone adjustment can be achieved by rotating the knob. The controller can be WiFi compatible while the receiver is working with a WiFi-RF converter and can be controlled by APP installed on IOS and Android systems. Table lying design requires no complicate installation.

Key Features

  • Reliable and stable switch and dimming control function, control range up to 20M.
  • Battery in the remote is with long life span. It normally can use for 5 years.
  • Switch on/off of lighting slowly, without any flash, meet the comfort of human eyes.
  • Dimming range 0.1-100%.
  • Enable switch from color dimming to adjust RGB colors.
  • Receivers can with power repeater to expand the output power unlimitedly.
  • Enable to control 1 zones separately, each zone can be set endless receivers, each receiver maximally be controlled by 8 different remotes.
  • Rotary adjustment, table lying design requires no complicate installation
  • Receivers can work with RF-WIFI converter after installing software on IOS and Android system.

Tischmontage LED-Drehschalter


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