Easy foldable electric wheelchair - FER-900 L

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Easy foldable electric wheelchair - FER-900 L

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product description

Easy foldable electric wheelchair - FER-900 L

Product features:

Foldable wheelchair FER-900 L is a high-performance lightweight electric wheelchair designed for the brothers and big ones among us.
It offers maximum comfort and performance with its 48cm wide seat cushion and power pack engines!

The advantages of this great electric chair are not only its compactness. One loosens only one bolt and folds the fief of the wheelchair forward. This does not take 2 seconds. And so the electric wheelchair fits in the trunk of each car. With only 25kg each person can lift him into the trunk and also unload him.

In addition, the wheelchair can be towed as a shopping cart on two wheels in the folded state and is thus also mobile when traveling by airplane or other means of transport. In addition, we have certificates for this folding electric chair which most airlines recognize and allow you to carry them on the aircraft.

But not only on trips, this electric chair will inspire you, even in interior spaces like your home or apartment. This electric wheelchair fits through every door and allows you to get close to cabinets, drawers or tables. And thus ensures a maximum of self-sufficiency and a good sense of life.

Call us now, we will come to you without obligation. So that you can test the wheelchair yourself.
Phone 079 66 008 33.

    - folds and opens in just 2 seconds (see to believe it)

    - speeds of up to 7 km / h.

    - Weighs only 25 kg with 1 battery installed, and each battery weighs only 1.5 kg.

    - Discover 12 km with 1 standard battery.

    - Optional extension with 2 additional batteries (total 3 batteries) for
       Trips up to 36 km).

    - Stands upright by itself after folding for easy transportation and
       Storage (see pictures).

    - Equipped with the latest 250W powerful, quiet & brushless

    - Wider seat width. Ample room with 48cm between the armrests
       (Seat cushion is 46cm).

    - Powerful 250Watts, silent brushless motors with larger rear wheels

    - Removable seat cushion and backrest for washing.

    - Comes with 4 spring suspensions for better comfort on bumpy journeys.

    - With an exclusive transport bag, for even easier transport.

    - Take your electric chair with you on your next trip!

The FER-900 L is the most advanced, easy-to-install foldable electric chair model on the market.

Product description:

The foldable electric wheelchair FER-900 L weighs only 25 kg and it only takes 2 seconds to open or fold. It is a larger version of our lightweight electric chair with extremely fast folding capacity. If you love folding electric wheelchair but have concerns about the body size or weight, and if you love driving at higher speed then this foldable electric wheelchair is your best choice.



masse zusammengefalteter faltbarer elektrorollstuhl FER-900


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